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Why NOT using influencer marketing hurts your business?

With the rise of social media, influencers have captured a significant share of users' attention by producing educational, entertaining, or inspirational content. Social media even outperforms TV, with users spending an average of 2 hours and 20 minutes a day on social media. We live in the attention economy where attention is the actual currency because there are many forms of media and content for users to choose from and consume.

Before, businesses' only method of advertising their brand and reaching a relevant audience was through traditional media such as TV, print, radio, or billboard. Thanks to the internet, there are additional channels that brands, and even small businesses can tap into to promote their products and services.

Influencing consumers' decision-making

Most people do not understand the power of influencers; after all, they only post videos and selfies on social media, right? Wrong! Anyone can post on social media, but it takes strategy, consistency, creativity, and skill to build an engaged following of people who not only love but look forward to influencers' content.

Influencers are no different from Network TV Stations, if not better, because they do all the work themselves from being the talent, brainstorming and conceptualization, editing, etc. Not to mention that influencers have a stronger relationship with their audience because they constantly answer their comments, DMs and do live streams to interact. Meaning that influencers have an excellent level of influence on their audience and built-in trust, so their recommendations are higher valued versus promoting your product to an audience from a network like ABC.

The ROI of Influencers

Influencer marketing generates a higher ROI by eleven times compared to any other form of digital marketing. Meaning even if you're investing four or five figures on quality influencers, you'll not only make your money back but make a big bank and gain some loyal new followers in the mix. Moreover, suppose your business sells kitchen appliances, and you partner with an influencer that makes food and kitchen-based content and has an audience in their 25-34. In that case, you'll be swimming in a pool of targeted customers that are interested in what you offer.

Celebrities Vs. Influencers

You could pay six figures to get Kylie Jenner to endorse your product or invest a lot less in an influencer who will produce a creative piece of content that will resonate with their audience. Plus, it will give you a lot more credibility because people view influencers as honest and authentic individuals that they can trust. Whereas someone like Kylie is unrelatable (no offense Kylie) and hard for everyday people to connect with, that's true even with social media making everyone accessible.

The Risk of not investing in your brand

So what's the cost of NOT investing in influencers? Your bottom line and brand credibility. Businesses and marketers are usually out of touch with what everyday people want and what appeals to their audience because they're too busy doing business the way they know. The truth is that the world is not changing; it already has changed. Your brand can utilize the latest pop culture references and slang, but it'll never come out authentic unless it comes from someone authentic.

Ready to tap into the power of influencers? Then inquire about our influencer marketing service. Our list of quality influencers will take your brand to the next level!

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