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Influencer marketing is on an all-time rise, and if you're not tapping into the power of the Influencers, your brand is missing out. We help connect amazing brands with TOP quality influencers that love what they do and have an engaged audience that trusts them.

If your goal is to increase awareness of your brand and reach a new market of potential customers, then you're in the right place. Meet our roster of awesome influencers!

JOSELYN R - 2.9M Followers

Meet Joselyn, a Chicago native creator, and mother of five kids living in FL that's all about creative storytelling and positivity through her Point Of View content. Get to know more about Joselyn on her Media Kit.

joselyn r.PNG

MIND OF DAN - 110k Followers

Daniel is an actor, writer, and creator that produces comedic videos about everyday life situations with his own twist to keep his audience laughing their arses off. Check out his media kit to know more.


Naya A. Ford - 150K Followers

Naya is a full-time influencer based in NY that creates aesthetically pleasing videos about beauty, personal growth, and dating advice to inspire her audience to level up. Check out her media kit to learn more.


Amencis MB - 42,000 Followes

Amencis is a Beauty Enthusiast based in NYC that produces hair, makeup, and outfit inspiration content for her audience. She's all about helping the girls look like baddies on a budget. Check out her media kit!

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