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"The Market Lacks You."

KB Marketing Media was created to ensure minority creators reach their potential. Helping small business owners show up genuinely and stand out online without making content is also one of our goals. Some of our services are video content creation, influencer management, pitching brands, video coaching for aspiring Influencers & business owners that aren't comfortable on camera, etc. We also cater to Small businesses & Big Corporations. No campaign is too small or too big.


What Makes Us Different From Other Influencer Agencies?

We prioritize working with quality Black and POC influencers to increase representation and help your brand tell its story while promoting your product/services to a diverse audience. Whether influencers, big brands, or business owners, we put our clients first. We ensure that influencers are paid their worth and that businesses connect with the right influencers to align with their company’s values and reach their campaign goals.


Dr. Kebar, the CEO of KB marketing media, understands both worlds of creators and business owners. In 2016, while pursuing her doctorate in marketing, Kebar started her YouTube channel as a creative and expressive outlet where she produced skits, vlogs, short films, etc. She went on to freelance her video editing, content creation, and social media skills to small business owners as a side hustle, which led to KB Marketing Media's creation.

Why Work With Us?

Our agency specializes in creative video marketing to help businesses stand out online and connect amazing brands with diverse creators that cultivate trends and culture.

  • For our brand and business clients, we save you time to scout for talent that fits your brand, values, and audience. We have a network of influencers perfect for any campaign/industry, and our expertise in marketing/creativity will afford you quality production. KB Marketing Media is also about helping your business find and curate your content style on social media with great video and video editing services.

  • As for our influencers, we’re the plug to helping you monetize your following, securing brand deals from your content, and turning your passion for creating into profit. We vet our influencers and invite quality creators to join our agency and make waves! KB Marketing Media understands that while creating content can be fun, it takes time, talent, and energy, and you deserve to get paid.

Let’s Work Together

1420 Celebration Blvd, Ste 200

Celebration, FL 34747

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